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There will always be certain elements that echo the essence of home to me.

This series follows the documentation of my daily life and experiences of the different places that I have called home, highlighting iconic imagery and moments through painting and woven pieces.


I have always struggled to keep a continuous journal or fill a sketchbook from start to finish.

In an attempt to achieve both of these goals, while at the same time documenting and observing my daily life and habits, I began a daily practice from January 12th 2021 to February 24th 2021. I would paint a page and then write a page, ultimately filling a sketchbook and having both visual and written documentation of the first two months of 2021 of living in Cape Town and Savannah.

Daily Practice, watercolor on paper, 5"x 8" each


In this section of the series, I chose to pair images together that, without words, speak the same language to any South African person who views them. Rooibos tea and Zoo biscuits, fishing boats and their bounty, snowflake flour from our wheat fields, candles for load-shedding paired with the iconic lion brand matches, majestic proteas; before and after the fynbos fires, sweet koeksisters, and sour mageu dessert. Painted with watercolor, they serve as inspiration for further exploration of these ideas in a different medium, that being a Jacquard woven. 

South African Imagery
'Reminders', watercolor on paper, 2"x 3" each
'Home', jacquard weaving, 14"x 21" 


In addition to where I grew up, there have been several other places that I have lived and called 'home' for a period of time. Hong Kong was a home of mine where I lived and studied for three months in the spring of 2019. 

This set of watercolor paintings represents aspects of Hong Kong culture that I experienced and was surrounded by. In addition to creating these paintings, I reflected on old sketchbooks that I created during my time there which I ultimately compiled to create a second and final jacquard weaving for the series. 

'Reminders', watercolor on paper, 2"x 3" each
Sketchbook pages, watercolor, pen, collage on paper
'Making Salted Fish', Jacquard weaving, 20"x 29.5"
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