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Hannah Oelz is a fine artist and textile designer from Cape Town, South Africa.


Her work ranges from print and pattern designs to mixed media pieces. She enjoys seeing how she can translate work across different mediums and exploring how her designs can take different forms. Whether that be a small watercolor painting from her travel sketchbook transformed into a jacquard woven, or a detailed pen drawing into a large mixed media landscape.


Growing up in South Africa, she was constantly inspired by the varied landscapes around her. Spending summers at the beach fostered her fascination with the ocean and the organic shapes and textures that it brought with it. Getting to study and travel in locations across the world including the US and Asia has opened her eyes to even further inspiration which she translates into her work in an organic and flowing way. She has recently graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Fibers and is currently based in Manhattan, New York.

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